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GSM / 3G Intercom (Q &A)

Q1. The unit keeps bleep.

A1. This means the unit is not able to detect the network for some reason.
-Check the SIM card is activated and has calling credit.
-Power off the unit, remove the SIM and check it in a mobile phone to verify it can make a call.
-Check if the PIN code of SIM disable when put in a phone.
-Check the reception is good. Poor reception is not sufficient.
-Check the antenna has been mounted as high as possible, not near large metal objects, or wet green shrubs etc.


Q2. The unit calls the first number, but there is not enough time to answer before it diverts to the next number.

A2. Increase the no answer time as per programming instructions.


Q3. The unit calls the first number but voicemail comes on before it can ring the second number.

A3. Decrease the no answer time as per programming instructions.


Q4. The caller ID part does not work.

A4. Be sure to program the caller ID part under 72 feature. If your number is a private or number withheld, then it will not work.
Even if you have already programmed a number to receive a call from the intercom, if you also want that number to have caller ID access, it must be programmed under the 72 feature also.
Ensure the number is entered as you would normally dial it from another phone.


Q5. There is no audio from the gate, but the person at the gate can hear ok.

A5. This can be due to low reception.
-Check reception level by *20#.
-Change SIM card if necessary to another network which may have better coverage.
-Purchase a high gain antenna.


Q6. The audio quality that can be heard on the remote telephone is poor or humming (buzzing).

A6. A small amount of GSM buzz can be considered normal on 3G audio intercoms, but not so much that causes inability to hear the person speaking. This can be caused by the GSM antenna being mounted too close to the speech panel or not mounted high enough.
-Try earthling the speech panel chassis to 0V of the power supply.
-This is also a symptom of poor reception. Try above steps on checking and improving reception.


Q7. The 1 or 2 key does not work when the intercom calls a phone.

A7. Check if you can hear the relay clicking at the gate when the 1 or 2 key is pressed during a call. If it can be heard, then the system is working, check wiring between the relay and the lock or gate panel. If the relays do not make a clicking sound, then check this feature on a different mobile cell phone or landline. If it works on a different phone, check the settings on the phone in question under DTMF tones. Failure of DTMF tones to operate correctly is also a symptom of low reception. Check steps above on improving reception. Try pressing the buttons longer when attempting to activate the gates or door.

GSM / 3G Intercom (Q &A) | 25 Years 4G/5G Telecommunication Products Manufacturer | Gainwise Technology Co., Ltd.

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