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Innovative smart Communication, Control, Monitoring & Security solutions using GSM/GPRS, 3G and LTE technology.

Network and communication products


Network and Communication Products

Most of our products use network and communication. Our products include door machine, FWT, controller. We are committed to developing products on the 3G / 4G network because the 3G / 4G network can provide stable and good connection quality.

The controller is controlled by the entry control, or other devices can be effectively controlled, and the connection is not easily interrupted, and the device is not controlled.

FWT can be combined with local calls for the call part. When the call is to be placed, the system will use the cheapest way to make calls, which has effectively saved the customer's call charges.

Intercom is used on 3G / 4G networks so that you don't miss any visitors or packages. You can talk to visitors from anywhere, or you can open the door remotely and place your package.

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Door Intercom - Door intercom

Door Intercom

Conventional door intercom system makes the use of a home station along with the door station and also...

Remote Relay Controller - Two Doors Opener with Battery

Remote Relay Controller

The GSM / 3G access controller is more than just a GSM door opener. It is a programmable access control...

Wireless Smoke Detector - 4G Smoke Detector

Wireless Smoke Detector

The smoke detector warns upon smoke with a local siren and a 4G communicator report to the set contact...

Fixed Wireless Terminal - Least Cost Routing

Fixed Wireless Terminal

Fixed Wireless Terminals (FWT) are devices that use a wireless communications link as the ‘last...

Wireless Smart Home - Wireless-Smart-Home

Wireless Smart Home

Home automation or domotics is building automation for a home, called a smart home or smart house. A home...

GPS Tracker - GPS Signal Booster

GPS Tracker

An active GPS signal booster fixes this problem by taking the GPS signal from an external antenna and then...

Elevator Telephone - 4G Elevator phones for emergency situations

Elevator Telephone

4G Elevator phone provide a replacement for analogue telephone lines connected to elevator phones. With...

parking service phone - parking service phone

parking service phone

Our equipment can also be used in the parking lot as a communication system, which can replace the cost...

Emergency Call Box/Phone - Emergency Call Box/Phone

Emergency Call Box/Phone

Emergency Call Box/Phone Provides public safety and instant communication with one-touch calls to police,...

4G Router - 4G Router

4G Router

4G router is a device typically used to provide wireless internet access, either mobile or fixed, utilizing...

Technical Cooperation - Electronics Design

Technical Cooperation

Pay attention to customer needs, good communication methods, mass production by professional SOP method,...

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25 Years 4G/5G Telecommunication Products Manufacturer | Gainwise Technology Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan since 1995, Gainwise Technology Co., Ltd. has been an electronic and communication products manufacturer. Their main products, including door intercoms, remote relay controllers, wireless smoke detectors, fixed wireless terminals, wireless smart home products, GPS trackers, which has passed the authentication and verification process of D-U-N-S®.

Gainwise has been the leader of 4G Door intercom, 4G Gate Opener, 4G Smoke Detector and Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT), supplying communication solutions to telecommunication companies in Taiwan area. Our R&D team has over 25 years of experience in the fields of electronics and communication systems. Provide solutions for our customers. For example, Remote Anti-theft car alarm system, touch dimming switch system and wireless power heated controller...etc.

GAINWISE has been offering customers high-quality electronic and communication products, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, GAINWISE ensures each customer's demands are met.