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2019 Taipei computex

Gainwise Technology Co., Ltd. is Taiwan 4G intercom series supplier and manufacturer with more than 22 years experence. Since 1995, in the communication solutions to telecommunication companies, GAINWISE has been offering our customers high quality 4G intercom series production service. With both advanced technology and 22 years experience, GAINWISE always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

28 May, 2019 GAINWISE
Exhibition Information
  • BOOTH NO. S1422
  • 2019/05/28 ~ 2018/06/01
Exhibit Products
WiFi Video Intercom

✮ HD-720P 30fps P2P streaming
✮ Full duplex two ways audio communication
✮ Aluminum material case. IP54 outdoor waterproof.
✮ 10dB WiFi antenna for longer distance.
✮ Wide view angle and night vision.
✮ Support the existing door bell and relay to unlock the door.

4G Smoke Detector

✮ 3 destination phone numbers
✮ SMS and Call upon detecting the smoke
✮ SMS at low battery
✮ SMS programming
✮ Frequency of test messages
✮ External RF module for received another RF smoke detectors.

GSM / WCDMA Door opener

✮ Open the door via Call/SMS remotely
✮ Free Call to access by Caller ID (1152 users)
✮ Log records sent via SMS/Email
✮ SMS alert when input is triggered
✮ Supports 2 output relays and 3 input triggers

WCDMA Keypad Access controller

✮ Open the door via PIN code or Call/SMS remotely
✮ 384 user PIN codes
✮ Free Call to access by Caller ID (1152 users)
✮ SMS alert when input is triggered
✮ Support 2 output relays and 3 input triggers
✮ Wrong PIN code entry limit and will emit alert sound

Multi-Resident GSM / WCDMA Audio Intercom

✮ Up to 200 residents
✮ Answer the door intercom and talk with visitor anywhere anytime
✮ Calls up to 3 numbers whatever landline or mobile
✮ Open the gate from anywhere in the world
✮ Ring intercom to open the door (1150 numbers)
✮ No wiring installation fee
✮ Anti-Vandal and aluminum design
✮ Flush mount and surface mount design
✮ Simple to setup by PC / SMS /APP

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2019 Taipei computex | 4G / 5G Wireless Products Manufacturer | Gainwise Technology Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan since 1995, Gainwise Technology Co., Ltd. has been an electronic and communication products manufacturer. Their main products, including door intercoms, remote relay controllers, wireless smoke detectors, fixed wireless terminals, wireless smart home products, GPS trackers, which has passed the authentication and verification process of D-U-N-S®.

Gainwise has been the leader of 4G Door intercom, 4G Gate Opener, 4G Smoke Detector and Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT), supplying communication solutions to telecommunication companies in Taiwan area. Our R&D team has over 25 years of experience in the fields of electronics and communication systems. Provide solutions for our customers. For example, Remote Anti-theft car alarm system, touch dimming switch system and wireless power heated controller...etc.

GAINWISE has been offering customers high-quality electronic and communication products, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, GAINWISE ensures each customer's demands are met.