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GAINWISE High Quality Control Management.

GAINWISE High Quality Control Management.

Quality & Manufacturing

Quality Management

GAINWISE focuses on quality management to promise customers the highest quality for stability, reliability and consistency. Quality is critically important when it comes to the 4G conversation quality and control. That is why we strictly control all the products designs and improve our quality management system to ensure the processes and requirements among our production partners.

Manufacturing Capabilities

GAINWISE has well-developed customization abilities and well-organized manufacturing implementation capabilities for growing together with our customers and production partners. With a long-term trusted cooperative relationship, our enterprise spirit is not just to satisfy our customers, but to strive to exceed customer expectations.

Quality & Manufacturing - 4G / 5G Wireless Products Manufacturer | Gainwise Technology Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan since 1995, Gainwise Technology Co., Ltd. has been an electronic and communication products manufacturer. Their main products, include door intercoms, remote relay controllers, wireless smoke detectors, fixed wireless terminals, wireless smart home products, GPS trackers, which has passed the authentication and verification process of D-U-N-S®.

Gainwise has been the leader of 4G Door intercom, 4G Gate Opener, 4G Smoke Detector and Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT), supplying communication solutions to telecommunication companies in Taiwan area. Our R&D team has over 25 years of experience in the fields of electronics and communication systems. Provide solutions for our customers. For example, Remote Anti-theft car alarm system, touch dimming switch system and wireless power heated controller...etc.

GAINWISE has been offering customers high-quality electronic and communication products, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, GAINWISE ensures each customer's demands are met.