Innovative smart Communication, Control, Monitoring & Security solutions using GSM/GPRS, 3G and LTE technology. | Gainwise Technology Co., Ltd.

Innovative smart Communication, Control, Monitoring & Security solutions using GSM/GPRS, 3G and LTE technology.

  • Security Essen 2016

    Security Essen 2016

    HALL NO.7
    BOOTH NO.7G-08
    Exhibit Products:
    1.WCDMA Video Intercom
    2.GSM / WCDMA Audio Intercom
    3.GSM/WCDMA Door opener
    4.WCDMA Keypad Access controller
    5.Multi-Resident GSM / WCDMA Audio Intercom
    6.Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT)

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  • Hong Kong electronice 2016

    Hong Kong electronice 2016

    HALL NO.3
    BOOTH NO.3CON-076
    Exhibit Productst:
    1.WCDMA Video Intercom
    2.GSM/WCDMA Door opener
    3.WCDMA Keypad Access controller
    4.Multi-Resident GSM / WCDMA Audio Intercom
    5.Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT)

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  • WCDMA Door Opener with Keypad

    WCDMA Door Opener with Keypad

    The SS1401D2 is a WCDMA based keypad for PIN code control of virtually anything. Enter a valid PIN code and the unit switches a relay. The PIN codes are remotely programmable making this GSM codelock keypad an extremely useful universal solution for a number of applications.

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  • GSM / WCDMA intercom

    GSM / WCDMA intercom

    ✮ Answer the door intercom and talk with visitor anywhere anytime
    ✮ Calls up to 3 numbers whatever landline or mobile
    ✮ Open the gate from anywhere in the world
    ✮ 1150 user caller ID access control by free call
    ✮ No wiring installation fee
    ✮ Simple to setup by SMS or APP
    ✮ Anti-Vandal and stainless steel design
    ✮ Flush mount and surface mount design

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Gainwise provides professional in designing electronic and communication products for global customers in Taiwan.

GSM / WCDMA Intercom

GSM / WCDMA Intercom

This is WCDMA-based video door station and you do not need another home station. Your mobile phone is the home station. Let you answer the door and talk with visitors from any location. Unlock the door or gate through your mobile number and no charging fee.

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GSM Gate Opener

GSM Gate Opener

Unlock your door through your mobile or PSTN number. Depends on the different requirement of users number, we provide 100, 500, 1000, 2000 numbers for different model.

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Fixed Wireless Terminal

Fixed Wireless Terminal

This innovative product let you connect to standard telephone equipment with GSM engine or mobile phone into a cellular network for total communications flexibility. You can connect the NEOS3000/NEOS4000 to the land phone or the analog trunk of the PABX or key system.

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GAINWISE Production Service and Introduction

Gainwise Technology Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in communication solutions to telecommunication companies since 1995. GAINWISE has been offering our customers high quality Communication & Electronic Products. With both advanced technology and 21 years experience, GAINWISE always make sure to meet each customer's demand.