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This add-on directory is specially designed for our multi-residents 3G / 4G intercom system model SS1808-12-Multi & SS1603-12-Multi. Just type in the names on your laptop, print and slide into the add-on directory for your apartment complex or gated community. LED lighting provides exceptional visibility allowing easy use of the system at night. The power can be supplied by the intercom itself or uses an extra power supplier unit.


  • Adds a directory to existing 3G intercom system.
  • Lighted
  • Provide 135x 85 mm slot for resident names to be inserted.
  • Holds 20~60 names.
  • Use a word processor program to create names.(20, 40 or 60 names)
  • Uses names typed on standard A4 paper
  • Surface mount
  • Size 189 (H) x 118 (W) x 65(D) mm
  • Power 12V (AC/ DC)

Application example

Community Schematic

Application: Community Schematic

Apartment Schematic

Application: Apartment Schematic

Schematic diagram of Science Park

Application: Schematic diagram of Science Park

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