3G GSM Access Control

WCDMA GSM Gate Opener


3G GSM Access Control - SS1206B-03. 3G Access Control 3G GSM Access Control - SS1206B-03. 3G gate opener 3G GSM Access Control - SS1206B-03. 3G gate opener

3G GSM Access Control mainly uses 3G network. When there is no 3G network, it will change the use of 2G network. 3G GSM Access Control main function: You can call to open the door ( Access Control will Close the call to avoid the cost of). Access Control can receive SMS to open the door. It can control two door locks


  • Open the door through phone call without fee
  • Remotely operate in the mobile network in the world
  • Set by SMS or call or App(IOS & Android)
  • 1152 user caller ID access control by free call
  • Safety guard for your house
  • 2 outputs / 3 inputs
  • Check dial in and out numbers log via SMS



  • SS1206B-03-AH Frequency:850MHz/1900MHz
  • SS1206B-03-EH Frequency:900MHz/2100MHz


Power supply AC or DC 12V-24V/1A
Power consumption 12V input Max. 50mA/Average 50mA
Band Frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
3G 850/900/1900/2100MHz
SIM Card Standard mini SIM Card
Relay Rating 10A/240VAC
Antenna 50 Ω SMA Antenna interface
Temperature range -20-+60°C
Humidity range Relative humidity 90% (condensation free)
Exterior dimension 90mm*60mm*27mm
Net Weight 300 g

Android &IOS APP

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