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GSM / 3G Access Control

We embed the GSM/3G module into the door opener. Let users control the output relay to open the door or gate remotely. And important they do not need to pay any call cost. We develop more models including 2 Relay output with 3 inputs. In addition to we develop enhance model with battery, it can keep to work when the AC power is loss.
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GSM Access Control

GSM Access Control

It is rugged and assembled with an aluminum case. The product is small and easy to install. It uses the GSM network.

3G Access Control

3G Access Control

SS1206B-03 product is GSM 3G Access Control. It mainly uses 3G network.It can control two door locks

3G Access Control with Keypad

3G Access Control with Keypad

It mainly uses the 3G network. The main function can use keypad to enter the password to open the door. Different password can open different door locks, can control a total of two locks.

GSM / 3G Access Control Applications

GSM /  3G Access Control Applications

You’ll be able to trigger your garage door to automatically open when you arrive home by dialing in the opener.